Pathways and Paving

Pathways and Paving Dubai

All types of stone, tile, brick and wooden solutions for your garden area, Noor Al Bustan will design and construct your pathway according to your requirements and to a suitable style according to the size and shape of your garden area. Pathways leading to the entrance of the home should feel like they are welcoming you home and impress your guests. Depending on the size of the garden in your Dubai villa, the pathways will generally use either a straight, staggered or winding style. Pathways need to be well lit up during the evenings to ensure safety and this will also give them a visually appealing look during the night hours. Lighting can be placed alongside the pathways in the form of wall and ground lights, while for a really creative touch the lights can be implemented into the actual pathway too.

Pathway and Paving Services Include:

Pathways and Walkways

Pathway Design

Pathway Installation

Paving Services

Tiling and Stonework

Decorative Pathways

Straight Pathways

Staggered Pathways

Winding Pathways

Pathway Lighting