Water Irrigation

Irrigation Systems

Noor AL Bustan LLC will assess the needs of your garden according to its current design or future plans, then design and install an irrigation system that ensure sufficient water reaches all the require areas. It is important to use the right type of materials and technology to keep your garden thriving.

Sprinkler systems are one of the most popular ways of keeping gardens watered. They can be installed in fixed positions around your garden or flexible options can be used to move freely according to the garden needs. Our specialists will set the timers to turn on at the best times of the day throughout the year to ensure your garden receives water at the optimum time. Regular checks for leaks and blockages will be performed by our garden maintenance team to ensure that your sprinkler system is running efficiently.

Garden Irrigation Services Include:

Irrigation System Installation

Irrigation Design and Construction

Irrigation Maintenance

Automated Irrigation Systems

Sprinkler Systems

Drip Irrigation

Water Efficiency

Water Pressure Systems

Water Tank Installation