Walls & Fencing

Walls and Fencing Dubai

Noor Al Bustan LLC specializes in the design and construction of fences and walls. Boundary walls are important for defining the boundary of your garden and providing security for your home. We install garden boundary walls in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles according to your specifications. Decorative walls are an excellent way of adding character to your garden and sectioning off areas for different types of usage. Walls can be used in a creative way to make tiered and raised flower beds, while large plants and trees can be fenced off to separate them from your grass lawn and hard landscaping areas. Retainer walls are important for reducing soil slippage and are most suitable for land which has different height levels in your garden.


Fencing and Walls Service Include:

Garden Walls

Boundary Walls

Security Walls

Flower Bed Walls

Retainer Walls

Brick Walls

Concrete Walls

Garden Fencing

Wooden Fencing

Aluminum Fencing

Vinyl Fencing

Decorative Fencing

Privacy Fencing

Security Fencing

Swimming Pool Fencing